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Oct 2019
Be there in the moment
as she gives you the look,
that you'll remember forever
as when love overtook,
the time you first held my hand
or first kissed my lips,
to the time we will first disagree
but I'll still love you to bits.

The time I don't have to tell hundreds
on what we have just done
because I wanna share this moment
with just one.

The time I'll sell my TV
to buy a ring
for the girl of my dreams
who is now the real thing.
When we start a family
and the moment when
we first hold a child
and get to fall in love again,
and the times we stay up
at night and all we want is rest.

The time we wipe away the tears
as our baby flees the nest,
the time our baby returns
for a boy for us to hold,
the time he calls me granddad
and makes us feel real old.
The time we take in
what all we have made
just by giving each other attention
and for my feelings, I finally gave up a confession.

The time I'll hold you hand,
and sit down beside your bed,
tell you that I love you
and lay a kiss on your head,
whisper to each other quietly
as our hearts give one final beat
that you were lucky that you were stopped
by that lost boy in that seat.
My boyfriend sent me this over e-mail and just nearly sobbed. We first met when he was late to class and sat next to me, hence "the lost boy in that seat" part.
Written by
Evelyn Hyde
     Jeff Gaines, ---, MeanAileen, Traveler and ---
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