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Oct 2019
Creeping up
A silent foe
Breaking him down
Nice and slow

Crushing all
Hopes and dreams
Bravery fading
silent screams

Fighting on
War and peace
Just to get
A partial release

A little confidence
Suddenly lost,
One step forwards
The ultimate cost

Walls built
A safe distance
Hiding the world
From his existence

A man in a cave
Keeping away
Building the courage
To battle today

Invisible injury
A runaway train
Mental illness
Significant pain

It's how it's perceived
Colleagues find…
It hard to believe

Trauma consumes
His fragile mind
He seeks a spot
That's hard to find

Lack of remorse
Absent support
Pushing him
To obvious thoughts

Away from the public
Away from the noise
Away from the world
He said his goodbyes

Discovered alone
Discovered too late
Discovered the body
Discovered his fate

Tears shed
Guilt ridden hearts
Talking history
Picking him apart

Lack of due care
Former colleague...

Empty chair

By Darren Wall
It's World Mental Health Day today. I have changed an old poem that speaks from the heart. Although I have never had the intention, I have seen the damage it can have on families.

I'm grateful that the world acknowledges Mental Health each year, but this illness should not be confined to a day. Awareness, support, empathy and understanding should be instilled in us all every single day.

Colleagues, friends and family. We need to support each other to reduce the number of suicides in the world.

Speak up, communicate and prevent the trauma affecting the families that lose someone they love.

Take care all ***
Written by
Darren  38/M/Birmingham (England)
(38/M/Birmingham (England))   
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