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Oct 2019
Good night,
Sweet dreams.
Ever wondered,
what happens
a few moments later
You say that to me?

Darkness being filled
with fond memories.
my unconscious cravings.
waking up to
my worst nightmares.
Either way,
Giving life to
A parallel world,
never expected to exist.

Some days,
I would be
at my own funeral
watching over
the heavy tears of
my 16-year-old self.
Some days,
I would be
reading my favorite book
in a cozy cabin
amidst a dense forest
out of nowhere.

Some days
Just pass by,
With me walking
Over hundreds of miles
Of unknown trails
With known strangers.
And some days
just pass by,
with me dying out of
every possible accidents
I could encounter.

And Few places
are possessed
with people from the past,
haunted by
long gone memories,
chased by forgotten souls.
But never got caught
Neither been saved.

So, This is how
my dreams are curated.
Inconsistent mix of
Endless escape games
and clueless cosplays,
with no hints
neither special costumes.
Written by
Mancy  22/F
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