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Oct 8
You taught me how to fall in love
with a seraph riding a lightning
made of heaven’s wrath;
the first time you touched my heart,
my innocence was crushed
as though the cherubim
plucked the forbidden fruit
and made me eat it
in the garden of pleasure –
it tasted like love,
the same one that wafted with
the smoke of your cigarette
when our tongues intertwined
inside a wretched shrine;

honey, you made me fall in love
with the bittersweet sin
and inescapable pit of pain;
you locked me up
in a dungeon
you built out of heartbeats
and sordid lies,
and I was so naïve
to embrace the flaming bars
when they were still open;
instead of leaving,
I let you chain me
with your ferocity,
I let you ravage my heart
in a lake of fire and brimstone
just to keep the hymn
of our bodies
echoing with the sound
of the seventh trumpet,
I let you drown me
in the blood of my own;
you stole my devotion
and fooled me
that the wounds you put on my skin
were a sacrificial lamb
for keeping the fire
of our love burning on,
but every time the blade
dug deeper in my body,
it just hurt
and hurt
and hurt
without feeling
the slightest touch of your love;
maybe you never even had it
in the first place;
maybe I shouldn't have let the beast
grow darker behind the light,
maybe I shouldn't have let the serpent
bite my heart
for an elated judgment;

honey, I crawled out of Eden
just to kiss you under the morning star;
had I known we’d just come undone,
I wouldn’t have let my wings
touch the fire
just to fly with you
beyond the seventh heaven.
Written by
Blckstr  18/M
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