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Oct 2019
A young and hopeful soul. Fragile, yet eager for purpose. And an aging heart, cold and taught from the tests of time. Each completely driven by the infinitely complex idea of... love. Yet, the heart and her soul see this “love” like night from the day.
    For the soul, in his ever longing eyes, seeks connection. Innocent and pure, he craves something beautiful… something to call his own. He craves significance, an endless desire to have importance in the eyes of another.
    But, tethered to the same mind, resides the heart.
    Against her scarred and frail skin, nothing has hurt the heart more than what she has learned to be the definition of this trauma named “love”. A lifetime of aggression shrouding the possibility of compassion.  Bound to the brain like its prisoners and hidden behind bloodied skin and bone lay an empty soul… and its broken heart.
Written by
Jake  M/Houston, Tx
(M/Houston, Tx)   
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