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Oct 2019
Sonya placed a cherry
in her belly button
as she lay naked
on the bed

Do you want
my cherry?
she asked
or have you other
fruit in mind?

Eve tempted Adam
with an apple
so legend has it
I said
gazing at her lying
on the bed

outside our hotel room
with the window open
we could hear Paris
passing the window

but a cherry
is more intimate
she said smiling

Usually one has fruit
after the main course
I said
however tempting
the sweet afterwards

she looked at me
then picked up the cherry
and seductively
put it in her open mouth
and ate it slowly

So where
shall we eat?
she said

Maybe where
Picasso ate
or Degas
I said

And where is that?
she said

We'll ask
I said

Are you sure
you don't
want a cherry?
she said

I declined
and she dressed
and we went out
in the Paris street
and dined.
Terry Collett
Written by
Terry Collett  71/M/England
   b e mccomb
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