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Oct 2019
Place your heart in a jar. Bury it beneath the cold earth in the garden.  The all-consuming heat will still reach you.

2. Tell the butterflies they are free to leave your net.  You don't need them any longer.  They stay regardless.

3. When you are sad you will cry tears salty enough to float in and you will find yourself in the very depths of the ocean.  When you are happy you will cry tears sweet like a late summer peach and you will nestle among the clouds.

4. Place a cherry pie at the foot of your bed.  This will lure the monster out from beneath.  You find you feel ready to have a conversation with him.

5. Revisit your heart out in the garden.  Has life bloomed all around it?

This is how you will know you are in love.
Elle Brookes
Written by
Elle Brookes  20/Two-Spirit
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