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Oct 2019
I surveyed the scene
about me

it was our first camp base
and out tents
were in a field
a guide pointed out

It was raining heavy
and I and this ex-army guy
ran towards our tent
and once there
we clambered inside
and zipped up

They say the rain in Spain
he said
but didn't finish

we could hear the rain
hit the canvas
above our heads

there was little room
in the tent to do much
so we lay on our sleeping bags
our cases unopened
by our sides

I mused on Miriam
and wondered who
she was shacked up with

ex-army spoke about
his time in the army
and his mother's new boyfriend
whom he loathed

and I hoped the rain
would soon stop
so I could get
a beer and burger
with fries from the cafe
in the main building
and find Miriam

but it rained still
and I listened half-heartedly
as Ex-army got on
with his dismal speech

and I wanted Miriam
but she
was far from reach.
Terry Collett
Written by
Terry Collett  72/M/England
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