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Oct 4
When I first saw her,
She shone like a star.
A blistering beauty,
That came from afar.
She barely noticed,
How hard I tried.
She never knew,
How much I cried.
I wish I was good enough,
Good enough for her.
But I was never good enough,
Not enough for her.
She never saw me in that way,
Only as a friend.
No matter how hard I try,
Always a dead end.
My friends,
They tried to help.
Little do they know,
How I didn't want their help.
She saw me one time,
Gave me a smile.
I wished I could say,
That she stayed a while.
Maybe I did,
Linger on too long.
Probably because,
I wasn't that strong.
I tried my best,
But it wasn't meant to be.
I should have,
Spent more time on me.
Perhaps in the future,
I would try again.
Maybe in a different life,
We're together amen.
But in reality,
I have to accept what's harsh.
Sometimes in life,
We finish in last.
We don't always win all of our races in life. Sometimes we have to accept we finish in last and that's alright. Maybe in a different life we were meant to be. But not in this one.
Remember, if you really love her,
You'd let her go.
Max Vale
Written by
Max Vale  M/Nowhere in Particular
(M/Nowhere in Particular)   
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