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Mar 2013
Oh, dearest time is but a flowing stream,
That yields no halts nor standard scheme.
As it flows, its minute manners aimlessly unannounced,
And for its persons' actions, oh, so merely renounced.
Oh time, why must thou'st unfaithfully pass,
And bestow such burdensome upon the mass.
And bring such false hope in the eyes of the weak,
But inevitably bleed the truths of failures that shall'st failed to seek.

And for such passing, shall the most deafening of regrets,
For in time will persons find most their failures of goals a'sets.
Oh, for such dreadful emotion is but a lingering dagger,
That inevitably shall us mere persons come to a'stagger.
Oh time, for where in this dearest world has thou gone,
And left abandoned O' poor us, to hopelessly linger on...
A poem on the passing of time and the feeling of regret of unfulfilled goals due to such.
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
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