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Nov 5
Why do I feel so trapped in my mind?
Why do I feel that the world would be better off if I died?
Why do I feel like I’ll never be enough?
Why do I feel that I’ll never be loved?

My conscience ***** me around
I don’t want to die, I’m longing to feel very alive
Holding on to memories of laughter, enchantment and delight
Wondering if I’ll ever win this fight?
Will I ever have a happy ever after?

I can’t recollect the last time I felt truly blessed
I lost sight of what was realistic
For many years my mind has left me believing that I’m possessed
I feel incredibly pessimistic

I just crave for a life where I feel adored
I wish I wasn’t drowning in my mind
I hope all my happiness and faith can be restored
I wish depression wasn’t so unkind.
Written by
Cheyenne Smith
     BR Dragos and Larry Marshall
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