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Sep 2019
Sacred Actions Holy Ground
And so they went to war on the Holy Mountain
Filling the mountain and themselves full of holes

They died in brave terrifying crazy stupid ways
As is always the way in total ******* war

The red mountain soil stained even redder by their blood
Both American and Japanese soaking Mt Mataba ****** red

Dead soldiers littering the ground a wild wrong willful harvest
Peaceful in death in a way their leaders would never know

They died in certain ways created by ingenious humans and the Devil:

A mortar shell hit a box of phosphorous grenades and several fell into a foxhole
Igniting and burning an American soldier to a blackened crisp

One of the many wounded Japanese soldiers still resisted
With only his life to lose his torso torn virtually in two

A Yankee General went to the lines to see the action
And was shot dead thru his skull a top banana ****

A *** manned a heavy machine gun his leg blown off at the knee
Finally silenced by a bullet with his name on it

This is how they fought for and on the Holy Mountain
Its sacred soil touched by actions and death and ghosts

Now forgotten by all but me and their God who remains silent
Was it worth it in the judgment of the karma scales?

If only I could see their deeds and talk to the ghosts
In a pointless war that was all for what?
nick armbrister
Written by
nick armbrister  122/Two-Spirit/earth
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