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Sep 27
My love
My enemy
My best friend
My drive me crazy
My Pain in the ****
Yeah that's my baby
Lets fight and argue now
And make up for it later
Not always
But for forever
My love
My oh so funny
Got me laughing
While im crying
My best high
My worst addiction
My little drug
Oh You so handsome
And so lovely
Your intentions were so ****
You're toxic
You're like poison
Still I'll love you til the end
Because you're also so much more
And I'll pretend you meant no harm
I'll disregard the **** you said
Though I cant forget
All the memories you left
Up in my head
My hunny
My dear
My sweetheart
My apologies for the rough start
I promise
Soon it wont have to be so hard
And I hope one day you can learn from this
So you can rest your heavy heart
Whats in the past is considered history
Just move on
I believe in you
My love
My one and only
My kiss and warm hug me
My late night smoking buddy
My good my bad my ****
So evil yet so loving
No goodnight this time
My baby im afraid
That this just may be
My final last goodbye
Here's another just for you
Written by
A  21/F/Long island
(21/F/Long island)   
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