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Sep 25
Red White Blue,
Left to right, west NYU.
Walking up like am I human?
I am Ouranos
This is my Ang-le save em
Style like a - day one
My mind tornados, like Hatred.
Spiraling my staircase of paper.
Ri-Ride this beat for jamaica.
Vibe like my red eyes got lazers.
Pop shot my chain and turn kratos.
Walk off this plank for my Gators.
Eyes on that land that wont wake up.
Stop in the air cause i'm made of it.
I stay with the Rings like one eight Hundred.
Aion my lane raw my AR reign richochets off the dang walls.
I set that pace like a pace car, aint even a blip on my radar.
I hit that stage like i'm ******, Rose from the dead and lept out the dang coffin..
I live by three eyes signed by "A Walker."
Written by
RAO  25/Two-Spirit/Under Hypnosis
(25/Two-Spirit/Under Hypnosis)   
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