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Sep 2019
Deja vu got me Like
butterfly kiss sharpened
Just To scrape my skin.  
These Reminders hide behind heavy eyelids. Crushed velvet feeling . I'm fragile & closed. Muted to most. I flicker in & out of the conscious land..
Weary of participating. This hellish heaven. What's better than the other choice? I don't wanna know.
To my delight you are nowhere near these thoughts. I wonder for all...who's the ***** who calls to you?
Who's your destroyer of the sane?
We're one in the same...
Societal sludge
Dragged by our empty pockets
Left to bleed out & stomped on by all the laughing heels & bludgeoned by cuff links.
Lick my copper candied mouth.
Pick me ,oh pick me ..pick me ..
We're all dying for the number one place ...the freedom to shove this all down their throats.
How much can you stomach baby?
Oh ,you gotta live like this machine now
Iron stomach
Shove it down your throat
And take it take it
take it.
Marlena R
Written by
Marlena R  Boston
   life's jump
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