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Sep 2019
Manila calls me
Asks me if i could go back
To where we used to be
I know i'd be lying
If I'd say I'm not in love with you anymore
And I'd be lying
If I'd say I'm doing all i can to be with you

Manila's missing us
She's searching for our footsteps
We became remarkable
To the place we were once alone
We marked our prints there
Left laughters and stories
We do not usually tell to everyone

On the busy streets we wandered
With your hands clinging on my arms
Our skins touched
And i was invincible by the rays of the sun
On that moment i felt like a fool
Coz i cannot stop smiling
It feels like im drugged or something
Intoxicated by your touch
Ecstatic by your smile
Euphoric by the entity of your soul

It seems so crazy to be in love with you
But the moment i saw you being so peculiar,
I started to question out if the existence of other people is even necessary
I am quite fond of making extravagance
But you give me reasons everyday to include your name on my yearnings
And even on my planned future
You exist without failure

Maybe i am stupid
But if stupidity means loving you wholeheartedly,
Then i guess that makes me the dumbest humanbeing on the planet.
I still love you since the 11th day of July 2018. And i will never forget that 1st day of December. I feel so insane.
Written by
humanpluto  18/F/House
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