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Sep 2019
I had a vision today.

A vision where I saw your face, where I heard your voice.
You were right there before my eyes. And with these eyes I smiled to you, and in my mind you smiled back.
And that smile, that laugh I knew exactly what it meant.

Then you came closer, repelling all my sorrows.
And with each step you took towards me, something in me was set back to life.
And before I knew it I was alive again before I could even greet you, and long before I could even place a word.
I somehow sorted out the meaning of every tear I’ve wasted waiting for you and I knew I could wait a thousand years just to see you smiling back.

But that’s when you stopped, that’s when you were close enough for me to take notice that this smile was actually a wince, and your laugh was nothing but a grin.
That’s when I knew that you weren’t coming closer at all and that you didn’t even take a glance at me.
That’s when I knew that we lived in two separate worlds, two worlds at war with the deadliest conflict, the greater armies and the deepest rage.

Well I had a vision today, a vision that turned my world upside down and subverted my empty heart.

It was a vision for sure, but deep inside, I choose to be believer, and I’ll go on calling that my truth. Because an illusion with you is worth a million lives.
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