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Sep 23
there are days my body doesn't  
support me  
hold me close and protect me  
there are the days that I am a clay figure  
molded by clumsy hands shaped  
with curves where there should be flat  

a persona of who I am     who I want to be  
there are the days when I avoid mt reflection  
yet want to check to make sure it matches  

these are the days when my reflection  
matches who I am  
my insides twist in disgust and I want to  
crawl out of myself  

these are the days  
my body is a secret I never want to revel  
when my steps are unsure and my face is  
set to "boy mode"

these are the days that I watch guys and  
imitate them  
stealing their walk hoping  
I can steal their identity so I don't have to  
live my own

these are the days my heart hurts  
when I am called her, she  
when a pronoun becomes an insult and  
these are the days when I wish  
my mind wasn't so deadset against my happiness
that I could just "feel" girl  

these are the days every day
Written by
Arden  17/Trans Male
(17/Trans Male)   
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