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Sep 22
The elixir of life is no fairytale;
we call it coffee.

I was recently gifted with a
Starbucks gift card.
I hate Starbucks but one never knows
when one might find themselves without
and it's always good to have a backup plan.

Just such a morning was this!
With no coffee and no money, I remembered
the giftcard in my wallet and
started off for a cup of coffee that tastes
nothing like coffee should.

I arrived at Starbucks where I was
greeted by an over enthusiastic "Barista"
- I hate that word -
and placed my order of a large
medium roast with room for cream.
(You must let them know you would like room or they will fill it to the brim - one of the few redeeming qualities of this chain.)

I headed out to a small patio
located on the roof of the shop and on my
way up the stairs, my foot slipped
and down I came in slow motion - my
eyes never leaving the precious
elixir in my hand and, somehow,
managed to set it gently on its bottom
on a step above me as my knee and
shoulder crashed into the stairs.

A little spilled through the lid and onto
my arm, but only a little.

My coffee was saved!

As I mull over the events of this morning,
it only goes to show that no matter
how much I may dislike a particular
coffee chain, nothing could be more
terrifying than the thought of
facing the day with no coffee at all.

Β©Nathan A. Brock 2019
Written by
Nightwolf  31/M/Behind You
(31/M/Behind You)   
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