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Oct 2019
(What, she blocked me)
He know he was blocked and he know he was taught
He learned not to follow until he has talked
He always thought you could proceed
He believed he could be but he see (see)
It ain't gonna happen, it will fade
He will forget about you someday
He wanted to say hi or some phrase
But he walked by kept his face straight (aye)
Acted like he don't like you but hey
He still do and he gotta move on
This song will explain his mistakes
And his wrongs the way he went so long
He waited and waited, never did a thing
Stayed put and debated, would overthink
His thoughts would overtake his brain
And he was tamed by a fantasy, and you'll see (see)
He know he wrong yet he keep his head strong
He knew he would break but his tears will fade
In his face in his skin he would win
But he is lost and he lost his soul
To these cars, (skrrt) cash, and the gold
He hoped you could take him away
Steal him down by your grave
Live life through the days
He afraid there is no way
But he wish and wish and take his mind
Out of time but he climb
Reach goals but his life not whole (oh)
Look at his car and his life
Someday he'll need a wife
And it won't be you although he dream
It seems feasible but a teen
Can't see that far out but he try
He is blind to the real and his eyes (eyes) become sealed
His dreams start to fall to the floor
And a door is closed and future fades
His brain and his head start to break
They crack and a gaping hole is made
The sights he sees are shoved through and fill it up (yea) what he do? (what he do)
He takes them and think she is great
But she could be a ***** he don't know
He just go for it real slow and he lay low
Act like he don't care but he do
He knows when he looks at you
His judgement ain't right but his sights are bright
He finally say that first word (hey)
But no was all he heard (it hurts)
And he cried and walked away with a smile on his face but it fake
He laid down at home and he played with a knife blade
But he won't cut he just in distress
His life is a mess no love his heart made of
Black coal he has a goal that can't be reached
(He was blocked can't you see, no reasoning, yea)
Written by
Jordan Hudson
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