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Sep 2019
Hard to believe we've never met before
Are you sure?
Broken promises and shattered dreams
Splattered against the wall
When our back's against it
At least it holds us up so we won't fall
Waiting for this day since the day that I could crawl
Off into the world without a care about it all
Now I care about it all too often
My life is clay that hardened, cracked, and softened
Roll it in the shape of a ball
Mold it into stronger features
Learn from past experiences
At least I've strengthened weaknesses
That had my pretentious self
Aware that defense wins championships
Abandon ship cuz offense puts the points on the board
I swayed back and forth
**** it! I'm not keeping score
The balance lies right in the middle
Give alot and take a little
Just don't be bewildered
When there's nobody there to shelter you from the storm
A break away from what's become the norm
Come explore this world with me and throw normalcy out the door
It's just a constant state of being; learn your own way don't conform
The burning desire only lasts so long
Let's make it last forever, work together, and get to where we belong
Written by
       Ak, Crazy Diamond Kristy, N and Fawn
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