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Sep 2019

From the seeds of your sparkle
My world gets illuminated
From the seeds of your stars
My crescent moon sprouts

It is your fish like eyes
That swoons my moods

When YOU cried on the soft pillow
When I felt your raindrop tears
My heart soaked your LOVE within

When the flowers on your hair swayed
My heart beats skipped life moments

When your pulse cried for LOVE
My soul found a ground in your womb to play

When your eyes spoke
To the winds
The breeze traveled thousand miles
To convey the essence of your LOVE to me

Even the time tick of clocks asks
To the space around...
The reasons for your absence

Just like the first rain drops
Are soaked on the desert sand
Such ways - your LOVE drizzles on me
And enters my innocent heart

I may have felt LOVE earlier
But YOUR LOVE seems my first TRUE LOVE

All it has done now is
Completely filled my being
With your LOVE thoughts in me

It is thus that when
YOU and I last met
LOVE became our symbol of
Two bodies and one SOUL

Melancholy of Innocence
Written by
Melancholy of Innocence  Planet Earth
(Planet Earth)   
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