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Sep 2019
Roaming in the wilderness, softness
underfoot, cool whispering of the
woodland breeze kissing her cheek.

Free spirit of the wolves, her other
friends, devoted, true, warm
creatures of the timberland, follow
her where she roams in grace.

Tranquility fills her heart, while she
roams the powerful irresistible
timberlands, crossing the streams,
gazing at the majestic mountains.

Evening brings a new world into
play, all becomes alive under the
black velvet skies, where stars
sparkle like diamonds.

Being in the wilderness is like
a captive bird set free, nothing
so comforting for a soul so cherished
in a world of miracles each day free
and new.

Living is magnificent, coming alive
where the wildflowers sway, the weeping
willows hugging the rocks by the flowing

No Place she rather be, only with her
friends, mighty wolves of the timberland
smell of leaves and branches freshly in the
air, rain falling softly re-nourishing everything
of beauty and life.

They call her 'She-Wolf of the Timberlands'
roaming bravely with her faithful friends of
the wild, head held high, with a song in
her heart.

By DerenaBree
Harriet Shea
Written by
Harriet Shea  80/F/Mesa Arizona
(80/F/Mesa Arizona)   
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