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Sep 23
I’m not writing to externalize my weeping or to release my pain, on the contrary, I just want to remember you and materialise my thoughts in a way that our love seems alive.

Because you’ve kind of vanished these past months, and I’m really starting to believe that I’m on my own, but don’t blame me if I still feel your presence, even though I don’t share it with anyone, not even with you. But my Love, your presence has a much greater value than to be shared and my heart is much too delicate to be opened. I’m working on rebuilding it; it’s just taking a little more than expected.

I don’t talk about you as much as I should, I guess I don’t want to share you, I just want to keep you in that sacred place of yours, where there’s only you, where no one can disrupt us, no force is the universe could be strong enough to disunite us.
Just know that my silence isn’t a proof of my indifference, my deepest sorrows are my silent ones.

But baby I do try once in a while, to let someone know you’re still on my mind. Sometimes it’s all want to say. Very often it’s all I think about, that I don’t feel alive except when you’re here, that you make me feel greater than I actually am.
You’re the glut of the Love I hold, the overflow of my feelings and the scarcity of my joy.
But how can I even speak of joy when you’re away?
And how could I ever be happy when you’re the one that redefined happiness?
You may say that I lost myself when you went away, but I’d rather get lost in you than to ever lose you.
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