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Sep 2019
Cold-blooded, I am an ectotherm
Relying on the heat surrounding me
To survive the dropping temperatures
Of the desert plains I live in

Like Kal the bearded dragon
That makes his home by my bed
I am closer now to American
Alligator than the Sapien I was born

My eyes translate the world into
Landscapes of twisting reds and blues,
Showing me pathways invisible to
The untrained eye but there all I can see

My brain's limbic system shut down,
No need to fall trap to the emotional
Ups and downs of these mammals
That I share an appearance with

My reptillian brain overpowered
My neo-cortex sometime in two-thousand
Sixteen when I realized I wasn't
The same species as my fellow-kind

And if I wanted to outlive them
I needed to adapt to the new world
To survive on instincts and perpetual
Strategic, calculations ran by a lizard brain

Not even thinking in the same sense
I just act, moving when my body says
Move, my nervous system in control
I am thoughtless, cold-blooded now
My wife
Bought a bearded
Written by
Evangeline Ruth Hope  Transfeminine/South Lake, Utah
(Transfeminine/South Lake, Utah)   
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