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Sep 17
I love the silence of the night
When there is no one about
Just me and the sounds of my soul stirring ....

I love the silence when it takes me over  Completely
It grips me and all I can hear
Is the whirling in my ears ( are these the whispers of angels ? )

Apart from the love of our fellow person
God is best found in the silence
For He is perfect silence and fullness ( the pleroma )
the first sound
  before sounds ( om )

The mind loves to create internal and external images of God ( and then play with these )
But god is beyond image and comprehension ( though we are created in his image )
And though God is far away he is yet always close  ( his absence marks his presence )

  Therefore Our job is to  let all pictures of God evaporate  and instead let the silence of the heart produce an image we can't see.  But yet can feel    ( the mind is in the heart )  and share this with others ....

So brothers and sisters our duty is to love in the day  and be silent at night
And in this way God will build a house in our hearts  forever . Amen
Written by
exst  M
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