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Sep 16
I will not weep for you,
you, who is no lover,
you who,
tears away at skin
a delicate pale cream
to sweet chocolate brown,
and yet,
you rip and bleed,
tear apart tender insides
fragile tissue
take a soul away
so cruel, you slice them open
force youself apon them
and watch in glee as
the person underneath you
squirms in fear of what you are
and what you are capable of.
I will not weep for you,
My tears are for the many
Who cry because of you
you, with your
cruel teeth and claws.
I will not weep
for you..
**** is universal,
Anyone can be *****
Men can be *****, women can be *****,
other genders can be *****
You are brave,
You are beautiful
You are spectacular
And I should have protected you.
Written by
DrippingWatercolors  16/F
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