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Sep 2019
Bestowed by a summers dream
A winters sleep
A falls cool sigh
And a springs daring eye
To lead with a love like no other
To cry with tears of paths torn assunder
To help and love and throw it all away, just dreaming about someday
But someday is never now and someday is never tomorrow
But someday just one-day I'd like to live like someday could be tomorrow
In an hour, a minute, a second
I'd like a chance where I wouldn't go and wreck it
A time, a place, a segment of space where I can find a someday
A someday to be
To live without need or want or worry
Where I can float in life instead of hurry
To live and breathe calm serenity
To fix an aimless path
And be by just being
Instead of forced believing in a tomorrow when tomorrow never comes
Everyday is the same day
No love is true love and even if it were its not my love
Because who could find love in aimless wandering?
Who could love a creature with no direction?
Who knows not head from foot or ceiling from ground.
Because of a someday I will dream until tomorrow
For a life that was earned and never meant to borrow
Lilly frost
Written by
Lilly frost  18/F/US
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