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Mar 2013
I remember
When I was younger
I used to think you looked just like John Smith
In that movie
I played over, and over
And I wanted to marry someone just like him

The world turns quickly
And troubled times make you tough
But when you turned to a cruel man
Your daughter stopped being good enough

Hey, Hey
What'cha doin', what'cha doin' now?
You stopped being a shelter, when the whole world howled
What a day, to make a girl run away
A thousand miles
For safety, I ran
But to a little girl
You should have been Superman

I wonder
If you miss me
If you regret just what you did, and how?
If you ever
Think about me
Or care if I'm alive, or what I'm doing now?

And you let dust
Collect where my pictures used to be
And I'm not sorry
'Cause I wont be sorry for being free

Hey, hey
What'cha doin, What'cha doin now?
The sun is getting warmer, and I'm not sure how
The longer I'm away, I know that all you caused was pain
Because of you
I had to be stronger, and
To a little girl,
You should have been Superman

It's been years now,
And I'm older
Old enough to see all you did and said were lies
In the mirror
I see less and less of you behind my eyes

Now there's a man
And he loves what he sees in them
And it sure won't be you
To walk me down the aisle, when I marry him

Hey, Hey
What'cha doin', What'cha doin' now?
Without you, I still grew, now I'm strong and proud
Someday, I'll have a baby with this good-hearted man
She'll be his whole world
And he'll hold her hand
In her eyes
He's gonna be Superman

Hey, hey,
I'm so happy with where my life is now
I made it, I changed it, and you'll never see how
It makes me cry, when I think of how good
It's gonna be
With me and my man
Our little family
With my Superman
More of a song than a poem. That happens sometimes, I get the song in my head and have to write it down. If I could write music, more effectively anyway, I'd have about five of these by now. :-/
Brittany S Knight
Written by
Brittany S Knight
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