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Mar 2013
hey loser
where you going fatty
you’re so ugly
you’re gonna die alone
what’s the point of you anyways
you’re so pathetic
you’re such a freak
you’re worthless
go **** yourself
sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.
somewhere out there someone is afraid to go to school
thinking they can’t face this again
and again.
somewhere out there someone is hiding behind lies                
suffocating in your stereotypes.
somewhere out there someone is starving for perfection
wasted meals, wasted potential, wasting away
and they think “I’m wasted but, am I perfect yet?
somewhere out there someone can be in a room full of people
but, never feel more alone
like they are invisible to the world
sticks and stones
you’re breaking my bones
why won’t you just let me be
who do you think you are
telling me what I should and should not be
how do you think that makes me feel
i feel alone
i feel worthless.
sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you
but words carry weight 
so much weight
as if an elephant is sitting upon my chest
it’s pulling me down
i am drowning
i am gasping
struggling to breathe
you’re watching me drown
this sea of misery and pain surrounds me
consuming me
i can’t fight it
i just want to wake up from this nightmare
i’m sorry i am not perfect
i’m sorry i wasn’t enough
i’m sorry that those words finally hurt me more than a broken bone ever could.
Michaela Tripp
Written by
Michaela Tripp
   Autumn and Aaron McDaniel
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