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Sep 12
I was going to the park, when the first time I saw her. In a blue dress and slim and sturdy figure she looked like a woman in late 20's . I was only looking at her when I had my leg busted inside a little mud pool. "Oh why that happened to me", i said with tears in my eyes. I went to the park skipping and washed my trousers, feet and shoes well. " It's done , looks clean " , I said.  I went to my workplace where I work as a Waiter at the New feel cafe. That cute face was not leaving my thoughts, looking at the sky I started walking. A moment later, it started raining and I ran to take shed under a high roof nearby. "It didn't look like it was gonna rain", I cried. I was well sitting there when I saw there was a white flower which was so beautiful it caught my eye suddenly. I studied Botany as my major but I couldn't remember what that flower was called. "So much for studying botany", I thought in my mind. 15 minutes later I reached the place I work New Feel Cafe, got ready and was about to go at the place of my duty, yes the counter.
I had a colleague with me, working at the same time, her name was Angela.
She greeted me, "Hi mark". I greeted back, "Hi Angela". I don't know how but she said, "Did u meet someone whose beauty struck in you awe, you look all read ". "What.... N.. No let's get back to work", I said. " Don't be so flushed Mark", she said patting me on my left cheek. "Let's get started ", she said.
Love story, my first try to write a love story. If u all like it then comment ur love.
And I will try to bring the next part soon
Written by
Aman  20/M/India
     ymmiJ and Sarita Aditya Verma
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