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Sep 2019
I’m too tired,
Don’t wake me,
From this sleep,
What can I do,
Yell and shake my fist,
I brush my teeth,
And tie the handcuffs to my wrist,
I'm just another,
cog in the machine,
I go to work,
I rinse and then repeat,
Seconds pass,
And days turn into weeks,
I tell myself I’ll make them count,
And I believe my own deceit,
Like words writ on concrete streets,
These are things I can’t delete,
Just pretty please,
Can you leave me be,
And let me sleep,
I sowed doubt,
And this is what I reap,
Just five more minutes,
Let me think,
And let me steep,
I got so busy dreading work,
That I drank to fall asleep.
Alejandro Medellin
Written by
Alejandro Medellin
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