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Sep 8
When you try and grab my phone
And I grab it back and say no
You laugh and ask if I am hiding **** on there
I think for a second
And that’s probably a better answer than
No, I’m hiding the fact the my 20 past poems have been about you.
How I use to write about begging to even being able to speak to you.
Then how I use to pray we would see each other and talk.

Then how we talked.
How we talked and we kind of just kept talking.
And how I saw you everyday for a week
And then I didn’t see you for a few weeks
And how I’ve never been more sad.
I have poems written about all the times we talked and exchanged secrets.  

So maybe I wish I was hiding **** on my phone.
How that would be easier to explain
Then all the times I’ve written your name
Written by
Madison  19/F
   BR Dragos
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