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Sep 6
things i’ve said the first time i’ve talked about it include:
“i am so guilty”
“i’m never in a good mood. i’m just guilty and upset and angry”
“this rips somewhere really deep i didn’t even know i had”
“i can’t make excuses”
“i don’t know how to reply”
“i’m scared”
“if i had just been a better friend none of this would’ve happened”
“i could’ve just kept my mouth shut”
“i was a bad friend”
“i’m so sorry”
“i can never stop talking because i feel like i’m going to freeze up”
“maybe i didn’t feel like a person that could be talked to normally”
“i don’t know what to do”
“i don’t know if i’m ever going to feel okay about it”
“she’s happier and healthier without me now”
“but this is what always happens that’s what i wanted to say in the first place”
“if i were easier to get along with this wouldn’t keep happening”
“if i would just learn to deal with this myself this wouldn’t happen”
“if it weren’t my fault then this would happen to everyone but so far it’s just me”
“i’m not comfortable talking to anyone that was just as close as i got”
“i’m so sorry”
“but it won’t ever be the same again”
“i’m always going to be too scared”
“of course i still do jesus christ”
“you don’t just stop loving someone if you did i wouldn’t love him either”
“i should be asleep and instead i’m finally crying”
“i don’t know if she thinks it’s worth fixing”
“do i?”
Written by
ollie  15/M
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