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Sep 2019
if i could separate the two of you
you from your body
pull you apart like bread
id peel your limbs away
dissect the two in class
head from the heart
no association

i would pull your limbs in all directions
i could love you whole
separately then
in portions, never all at once
you're too big for one bite

entire package, 100 yards and im still
running to the bus
getting away, or trying
but never far enough

and ill come to the thought
of someone else
and in the dark that follows
its you

ill pick you apart again
leaf off limb
leaf off limb
leaf off limb
until your limbs are barren
and i am freezing for you
trying to understand

i have tried

still try ing: an action word, in the state of

in the dark

in the quiet

i call you when i need you

pounding at the front door of my mind is the words you spill and the silence you bring

i greet you with anger every single time

a soft one from the pit of my belly it lays inside of my intestines like a sore parasite eating my thoughts until i cant remember where they started

laying again standing alone with a smile on my face and we are on bad terms again

and i want to pull your mind away from your body

i want to appreciate them

and all together
and all at once

it will hurt
to pull apart skin
it gushes
it oozes and it is a constant
reminder that i cannot figure it out

an infection. nasty        But you wont notice it when it goes away
Written by
Rhianna Powell
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