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Sep 5
1, Your'e the essence of pure beauty that resides within my mind
2, You're lips are like the finest taste of an elegant glass of wine
3, You're the part of me that I always searched for and could never seem to seek
4, There's nothing more that I could ever adore than our dear family of three
5, This life we share with love and care that makes me feel so alive
6, That sweet kiss that I always miss even when your'e by my side
7, The age between us fades, cause our love sure has no limit
8, The days that come and fade while our love still blooms so endless
9, Our life, which has no price, cause the greatest value in the world is you
10, My best friend, my forgiveness of sins, who helped me see the world in a clearer view
11, My world, and the mother to our sweet girl whose heart is crafted by our loving souls
12, The years that come and go, falling deeper in love as we grow old
13, the reason why I still choose to believe in the wonders of the world untold

I Love You.
To my significant other who loved me when i couldn't love myself. She's supported me through my addiction and recovery from drugs, and now our relationship grows stronger more and more with each new day.
Written by
Matthew Sanchez
   TW Rice
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