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Sep 2019
luxuries and comforts
cozy couches to curl up
**** girls to hang out
cheerful friends to crack up

you want to sleep
and you can’t sleep well
coz you find something missing
or someone to infill

you don’t know it then
you can’t figure it out
for you, it’s a perfect life
that’ll never peter out

running for material things
temporary relations too
ending up in nothing
but the emptiness though

you realized you finish
with nothing at the end
neither beautiful girls
nor a sincere friend

no real happiness
nor peace of mind
you missed real love
as you were blind

blind with your pride
pride of luxurious life
you crushed many hearts
loyal and innocent

you forget the absolute happiness
is to love and to be loved
you forget the only thing permanent
is the connection of souls
the only cozy couch
is in the arms of the beloved.
and  peaceful sleep you can have
by only being grateful to God
Hafza Awan
Written by
Hafza Awan  30/F
   BR Dragos
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