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Sep 2019
love isn’t meant to be something we can track
doesn’t start at point a and end at point b
it’s not a pin point on a map but more like a flame
like the flames on the candles we light on church alters
there’s always at least one that is lit and some that have long burnt out but you couldn’t say when they did
love is the flame on the candle you forget is lit until one day it just blows itself out and all that remains is the smoke that billows and the ash of ember
love is something that should not be named
nor trapped in a box of what it is supposed to be but rather set free, like birds from a cage
for love is a shape shifter and contorts itself in different ways for every person you meet and every heart beat that arises, no to loves are the same and that’s what makes it so dynamic
love is a monster, a mystery an undefinable beast and yet, love is synonymous to all that we value most in life and the most sought after thing
love is the sin we all fall victim into partaking in
Written by
frankie  16/F/florida
   Bogdan Dragos
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