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Sep 2
Demon me: oh hey how did you like the plot twist?
Kat Blackfog: well to be honest it makes me want to slice my wrist.
Demon me: ha ha maybe you should I mean look at you, you are so dumb and gothic like you can't be a Christian too
Kat Blackfog: but I can I was created to fallow my Load so boo who....
Demon me: ha ha think that all you want but know that you are nothing maybe you should end it all oh and I am going to get rid of Abbey you don't need her you don't need friends I mean listen to you family you can't be friends with someone a little older than you should just lose everything
Kat Blackfog: wait what you can't do that
Demon me: watch me you are already becoming me you will soon enough be a little demon Kat because you will have nothing else to turn to Kat Black: no I will stand strong
Demon me: as if and now the one you love I am taking him away too ha ha you think your so high strung well your not your nothing.
Kat Blackfog: maybe your right I should not have friends anymore I should get rid of all of them I turn full black and die slowly I am coming forget it all
Demon me: that's right now you will fallow me you are all mine so  both of us together will cut all ties to friends family here let's go say bye
Kat Blackfog: I'm.... Being..... Pulled.... Away..... I..... Cant.... Breathe.......
It does not rhyme a lot at all.
Written by
   BR Dragos
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