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Sep 2
in another lifetime

we stand grounded in perfect heat

your gaze keeps me from drifting

and you hear my whisper above the

roar of the swelling throngs

we feel no pain now,

though our cheeks once knew

the salt of tears and blood

yet you were there,

you washed my face

and i yours

because you never once doubted

what i looked like beneath

and once our feet hit the ground,

we are here to stay,

fixated on an astronomical alignment

two stars, illuminated:

you and i

but in this lifetime,

you burn too bright

an imperfect heat that scathes the skin

gravity pulls me from my dreams

and keeps me orbiting around reality

we drift slowly past,

brushing briefly, only

long enough to believe i know you

but in a moment, when

time and space disagreed

our propinquity lasts a lifetime
Written by
Tiger Striped  17/F
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