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Sep 2019
it turns out that we both liked
(at different times, at least)
and that we were both dumber
in that different time

stupid enough to fall for a
smile with no substance
and flat out manipulation
when it came to you

***** that guy, i say maybe
too viciously but it's true

no! you reply, and it takes a second

he can go ***** himself then, i correct.
i always thought you were too good for him

you smile
i love you too,

but anyway, i say
when we are walking closer to the door
the entire male species is dumb
(it's a generalisation,
but after everything that's just happened
it feels comforting, a balm)
and sometimes i don't understand
why i'm even a bisexual with how

low rate? you suggest

low rate, i second,
our fellow **** sapiens are

mood, you say
sometimes solidarity is supporting each other, and sometimes solidarity is trash talking to the guy you both liked. both mean the same thing anyway.
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