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Aug 30
The howl of her soul whispers in the wood
And ruffles the feathers of those who fly
Her spirit does carry the buzz of the bees
Even in death – she doesn’t die

Her ground supports the feet beneath me
And buries my fears - long tormenting
Under the soil her treasures lie
A heat so fierce and unrelenting

Like a moth to a flame was i, drawn to her
Burnt and broken, now do I stand
To extinguish a blaze so bright and true
Would be the greatest of sins any man could do

Droplets of sky condensed fall upon me,
To wash away the guilt I hide
Tis I who killed my only mother
Murdered by mans own restless pride

Now I do lie here alone and cold
Doomed to see my grandchildren grow
In a world my own doing foretold
The sight of a forest, they shall never know
Inspired by the trajedy occurring in the amazon at this point in time. May God be with the animals, people and trees who suffer as i write.
Garth Lebowski
Written by
Garth Lebowski  The Milky Way
(The Milky Way)   
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