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Aug 2019
june 7th was the start
the day you began to steal my heart,
you pulled me away and off we went
to a place that's left such a huge dent

I want to hate you
I want to be mad
cuz now I'm here all fragile and sad
you said you never want to break my heart,
but here I am falling apart.
My hearts still lively
still lovely and free
but **** that
cuz **** you hurt me.

You went away and day by day,
I sat at home writing back to you.
All the letters that you sent through
I held on even though I missed you,
but now that you're home
I'm left here alone.

All you did was love and care
which makes this feel so unfair,
you treated me better than I could ever imagine
and it's hard to pretend like that never happened.

I'm trying to let go
trying to take it slow
bu the boy I know
feels like a stranger and I don't know where to go.
You made me feel safe
you taught me trust
even our friendship is starting to rust.

Every time I lie in bed
please get out of my head
let me sleep,
let me sleep in peace.
This poem was from over a year ago, I'm in a much better place now but I wanted to post my old poems here just to get them somewhere else, and off my phone.
Written by
Zane Smith  17/F/pixie hollow
(17/F/pixie hollow)   
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