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Aug 26
‣ there is one place they had to go to
‣ that place is unbearable, it's like a human zoo
‣ being have to be for several hours every weakday there is a pretty ****tty case
‣ there are so many wasted days spent in that ****** place
‣ they wanna set that ******* place on fire & watch it burn down
‣ there is plenty of their wantings & desires
‣ but one of the main ones is to get the hell away from the town
‣ to get the hell away from the lushing degeneration
‣ and here was supposed to be the end of this lamespiration
‣ but I came up with a few more needless lines
‣ and it seems like all I'm capable of is just to cling on to rhymes
‣ think I'm just wasting my time
‣ me & poetry are those parts of the universe that are better not to combine
‣ someone perhaps would even think that it was concocted in a state of being high
‣ don't know if it is even worth being read, but anyway, u're free to just pass by
"lushing degeneration" - Russian Federation
Written by
Trefild  M
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