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Aug 26
‣ the late weekend night they decided to go for a walk
‣ they didn't wanna stay home
‣ they were just avoiding doing some housework
‣ he/she is a procrastinator to the bone
‣ wandering the streets of the ****thole they still languish in
‣ while got themself sent into the music realm by putting their earphones on
‣ they've been thinking about what does their existing mean
‣ accompanying it with the thought of the fear of being gone
‣ getting closer to this frightening edge with every year
‣ feeling low at the sight of younger ones
‣ they often find themself thinking "what am I even doing here?"
‣ and every next year comes like remindingly hitting the drums
‣ they don't become better over time
‣ they have nothing to offer to the world
‣ they do realize it's not fine
‣ the purpose of their existing still remains untold
‣ all of it makes them quite restless
‣ they're on the point of burnout
‣ it's like there's barbed wire on them as a necklace
‣ they're seeking for inner peace that can't seem to be found
Written by
Trefild  M
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