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Aug 2019
I'm feeling low today.
Low, as in, slow.
Low, as in, if I take a step in the wrong direction I'm going to fall but there are no **** lights on.
Low, as in, I went to sleep at 6 AM even though I told you I would at 4. Then I woke up at 10. And again at 11:04. And again at 12.
Low, as in, when you texted me hello, that other girl wanted to say goodbye.
Low, as in, that other girl apologized for the inconvenience she causes with her existence and apologises for apologising.
And every other word is an apology because she only knows the words "I'm sorry".

I'm feeling low today.
Let me guess:
Just eat a little more.
Just sleep a little more.
Just remember that you are loved.

I'm feeling low today.
Low, as in, I can't eat because suddenly my body does not need it, I'm running on I'm sorry's and warm tea.
Low, as in, I'm running.
Low, as in, I'm sleeping, and waking up and sleeping and waking up.
And I'm tired of it.

I'm feeling low today.
Low, as in, I know people love me.
Low, as in, love was never the problem, the problem is me, the problem is waking up, the problem is digesting food that makes me want to ***** out all the strength in my body.

I'm feeling low today.

And maybe, after reading that line for the fifth time, it might start to look like a landmine.
Every time you stumble on it,
You die,
A little bit inside.

I'm feeling low today.
I'm sorry.
Them: How are you?
Written by
Glory  19/F/NZ
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