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Aug 2019
A feeling acquired from the ravine of Icarian desires
never an impulse, nor half-bloomed
influenced by the geminus cases that love him,
as to leave him breathless

He was subjected to the duality
that was meant to delude the senses
while being comforted by views that was always meant
to give favor to the most convenient
and utopian perspective by ear,
imposing a better version of reality
forcing the idea of being gifted, being special

It continued to haunt the victim
stirring a morose persona into blend

Was ostracized before he was able to express
was rejected due to his impairment

Clouded and deterred
he became the living portrait of pain
well passed the limits of being

Knees rooted on the ground
with weeds surrounding him
he pluck and blew with fingers crossed
how wonderful it could have been
to have lived normally like the rest of them
-Neil Fred-
K Lupus
Written by
K Lupus  M/On Vaudeville's Edge
(M/On Vaudeville's Edge)   
     Ben Noah Suri and BR Dragos
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