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Aug 19
Another lap around this body,
Downing the tail like a snake.
I can not seem to find the end,
Is this karma or is this fate?

Creeped up on me,
Like lichen up a tree.
Spread like frost,
Over a bedroom window.
The pain came fast,
And the death is coming slow.

I enter out and exit in,
Downing the tail like a snake.
I am going back in again,
Is this karma or is this fate?

I stared too far into the abyss,
Dived too deep into it’s depths.
It burnt a crater in my mind,
Making a home in the space inside.

I turn my inner eye to see the trail you left behind,
Searching for the beginning and the end.
I can’t tell the distance you will take from me,
But I know it is a poison that is killing me.

I’ve wasted too much time,
Hating you,
When I should have been,
Embracing you.
I pull the tail a little out my throat,
Every time I step towards forgiving you.
Written by
MisfitOfSociety  18/M/South Africa
(18/M/South Africa)   
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