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Aug 19
Who taught us to be so
reckless? I never kiss and tell
but we’re exhaling secrets like stars
into the night air. He’s laughing at my stories and
I’m taking in the sight: sun-kissed skin and
messy brown hair, peach chapstick lips parting slightly
when I press them to mine. Spontaneous Bravery. I‘m
catching him blush then falling face-first for a
stranger, the silly boy from the bagel shop but
Does he really see me?
the bruises and lonely eyes, hands
grasping at his t-shirt when he says goodnight.
a desperate creature. He’s standing so close but
I’m begging to be closer, please

I don’t want to be alone.
Written by
gracie  17/F
     seraph, gianna marie and BR Dragos
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