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Aug 2019
Have you faced a fear and known the power of its defeat?

Did you find that your new fear is the not fearing it no more?

Replaced now by a fear of the known roads that lead you to be that brave again and the knowing that you can?

I have drawn back from a world where those roads are where I am compelled by choices not my own.

Instead through isolation I choose not to defeat that fear again. Along that road I know the destination that awaits.

I fear those roads and those who would lead me there.
And as with you and your fears... it is from them that I hide.

I know my own bravery and the point at which I break.
That road for now best avoided and the one way sign well marked.
Once again words that would be censored are omitted....
I hope your fears leave you room to live. I hope too for those who need it you know there is some understanding out here censors or not.
Tony Tweedy
Written by
Tony Tweedy  M/Australia
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